How to get over a break up?

A lot of times we think we want to get back to an ex but it's just the heart break pain that many are simply wanting to get over.

Find out how you can heal your heart break and move on..

Yes you can get your ex back but that's from a place of understanding that it'll be another new relationship. Yes with the same old person but a fresh start. The reason why things fell apart need to be understood and worked upon for you to become a more emotionally independent and whole being, to be a magnet of attracting your ex back

The first step therefore is to move on from the heart break it's over. Yes you create your reality. By the virtue of law of attraction and quantum magic I can help you to get your ex back. But first step is to learn to move on, love yourself and walk the path that's in alignment to your soul.

It's for you to align back to your soul spiritually . Any break up happen when we fall out of alignment to who we are that leads to separation consciousness

The key is find a way to manifest anything is to get back into alignment

Is there someone else between you two?

Remove A Third Party

Are you someone who really badly want to reconcile with an ex lover but you don't know if that's ever going to happen or not? You know you can manifest anything but can't understand why you are not being able to manifest your ex?

It starts with self love

Accept the break up and understand that this is the time to heal and find your true self, why the break up happened, what went wrong and what you can incorporate to avoid falling apart in future , if you choose to reconcile

Indulge In Therapy

This is the right time to reach out to me when you feel you are ready to indulge in some self searching and understanding who you truly are.

It's time for some soul searching

It's time to become the best version of yourself. Commit to the journey of healing to align to your true soul essence. Don't compromise & or squeeze to play small to try to fit in to a relationship, just because you are scared of being alone. That's not the frequency where you can be a vibrational match to your ex. It's a fresh start where you meet from a place of being who you truly are to ultimately catch the vibe back. As a coach I'll help you to reconnect back to your soul's true essence, get back the vibe you seem to have lost

Conscious Manifestation

There's an unique design of your soul & as an extension of your being you are always manifesting by just being who you are. You attract what you are

Manifest Anything

Consciously manifest by just being. Beyond intentions & choices is a state of awareness of just being, that self of yours manifest easily and effortlessly

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