Quantum Dynamic 8

Inner Child Healing & Core Beliefs

Have you ever paid attention to the little voice inside of you? The one that might remind you of your younger self? No matter how old we grow, we carry our younger selves within us day-to-day. Perhaps our hurt 5-year-old self shows up when our best friend doesn't answer our phone call, or our misunderstood 15-year-old self comes out when a colleague doesn't see eye to eye. Caring for this younger version of ourselves is what inner child work is all about.

Inner child work, also referred to as inner child healing, is a way to address our needs that haven't been met as children and heal the attachment wounds we've developed. We all have a younger part of ourselves that was "never quite loved the right way or the way they needed as a child,

"Inner child work, like any type of inner work, involves creating a space where your subconscious is allowed to take the lead," Inner work is the act of going inside ourselves, to explore our true feelings and parts of us that may have been rejected and labeled as "inappropriate" or "too much" by others. By allowing ourselves time to go within, we begin peeling back our everyday coping mechanisms (being avoidant, numbing of our feelings, etc.) and are able to fully accept and integrate our subconscious into consciousness.

Core beliefs are our most deeply held assumptions about ourselves, the world, and others. They are firmly embedded in our thinking and significantly shape our reality and behaviors. In fact, nothing matters more than our core beliefs.

The 33 days anxiety healing course with 5 years future planning protocol
Welcome To The 33 Days Anxiety Healing Course With 5 Years Future Planning Protocol

"Beyond the wounds in your heart , the fearful triggers , there’s a way out and that’s to go within" - Chirasree Banerjee

So you are in tremendous anxiety, stress, depression,panic and pain and life has definitely been very unfair to you.

You are quivering to understand your true potential and looking for answers everywhere that how you can get back to being who you used to be.

A part of you don't even want to be who you were and a part of you wants those days back when you used to be happier

You are relentlessly wondering what is it that you can do that would change your life, overnight?

Well it's not an overnight process. However when there's a will, there's a way. The only way out is within.

If you truly, honestly want to manifest a better life. You need to believe that it's possible

Unless you believe that you can get out of this emotional pressure, well trust me the way out is next to impossible.

✔️This is going to be your 33 days anxiety and depression release course. You will have a 33 days plan chalked out for you.

✔️When you allow this to become your lifestyle and if you adhere to this for next 33 days. I promise you, you'll see changes, you'll manifest a life without the anxiety.

You feel the anxiety so strongly because the energy invested to understanding that it's really so real is massive.

✔️ This course will reduce the energy you have invested to the anxiety and shift it to a state when you are free from it completely.

✔️The course also comes with a 5 year planning protocol that will help you to have clarity and ease when you think of the future. The future timelines that you feel anxious about will be in your hand.

Your fate is in your hand and this course will help you write an ideal storyline of your preference - having to let go of the idea of anxiety even completely.

You heart will be so free that you can literally fly baby

It always starts with radical self love

Live a More Fulfilling Life - Your Personal Development and Personal Transformation Can Start Now - Create Your Own Life

What you will learn?

✔️ Connect to your inner child & learn to heal it
✔️Become a master of adapting to the secrets of radical self love
✔️Bonus Secret Teachings Of Manifestation
✔️Become a magnet of love attraction
✔️Audio Tool Kit To Boost Your Potential
✔️Fame, Wealth, Health & Relationship Consciousness Rewiring Tool
✔️Acceleration & Boosters
✔️Scripts & More

This course has several golden nugget points that will help your personal and work life

💜Who it's ideal for?

✨Anyone & Everyone who is looking forward to become the BEST VERSION of themselves

✨is dedicated to their self growth & success

✨wants to attract love and improve relationship

✨to attract more money or live a debt free life . Become a wealth magnet

✨to ensure their health gets better and better everyday & dare to aim to set a goal to live a disease free life

✨who is hurt, is heartbroken, had a breakup or experienced some kind of loss

✨badly wants a BREAKTHROUGH

✨wants a transformation in all spheres of life but is currently feeling stuck

✨to attract more fame and make difference in this world

✨wants to be in more soul alignment

✨to become a beacon of love to manifest successful miracles in all areas of life. It's possible. Possibility is a state of mind