FouNded by CHIRASREE Bandyopadhyay 

Live The Impossible

Quantum  Dynamic 8 

Chronological Remembrance 

Years of trauma , abuse of alcoholic father , leading to complex post traumatic stress disorder to trauma bonding experiences to overt and covert narcissistic abusive relationships and series of impulsive decisions shifted me to a space of inner healing . When inner work came to me , I could resonate so much because of the years of emotional upheavals that I fell in love with researching more and going really deep , this gave birth to the understanding that there’s a pattern of the internalised objections which formulate to become the resistances which when integrated leads to liberation and embodiment of presence in the now moment which is happen where you are physically now grounded in your physical vessel, the immediate reality that you can touch, feel , see , taste at this very moment. You are here now . Life is happening for you . You are loved beyond measure.

Self love is the key to MANIFEST just anything and anyone 

500 Spell Infused Affirmations  to Get Your Ex Back 

This is the “How To Get Your Ex Back” blueprint. This book has proven strategies on how you can finally get your ex back. The 500 affirmations are subdivided into 50 stages and are spell infused. This book is written with an intension to guide you through the process to ultimately take you to the vortex where you have already received your manifestation.

Transform your mindset,become more emotionally resilient and experience back to back miracles 
Confidence comes from inner work,the deeper you dive consciously more possibilities manifest 
Each word is literally a spell,any intension set with clarity after healing and core shifts will always push out 
My speciality is to shift you to a new perspective by helping you clear your limiting beliefs

Core Beliefs

Core beliefs are assumptions about ourselves, others, and the world that we mistake for fact.

Unless we take the time to dig out and question our negative core beliefs they control every life decision we make.

Beneath anxiety are stories,desires ,wounds and patterns looking forward to release what's stored....
Shifts in your twin flame or SP journey is inevitable with hippocampus rewiring & amygdala calming exercises...
FouNded by CHIRASREE Bandyopadhyay 

Live The Impossible

Law of attraction

Skeptics will argue that positive thinking, confidence, and expectation can’t possibly affect outcome, but the evidence says otherwise. If you were to examine your own life you would likely find many instances where faith did make the difference.
Heal your core wounds and call in a compatible relationship that matches you on every level ,Twin Flame UNION IS POSSIBLE IN THIS LIFETIME 
Are you wondering how you can manifest your ex back? Chirasree's courses Have reconciled maNy lovers

Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi approved & certified Digital Product System Graduate ,Knowledge Broker & Professional Chirasree Banerjee is making a revolution
From being a successful Quantum Integration Therapist, Core Belief Expert Buster, Manifestation & Energy Transformation Queen, Chirasree is equally good with her UX & UI skills simultaneously and she channelises that to create the most soul aligned products.
"She's indeed a highly successful digital economist making a grand revolutionary movement to make self education the new norm."

Transform your mindset,become more emotionally resilient and experience back to back miracles 

165+ Case Studies ...

Here's the link to watch some mind-blowing success stories and results of clients that Chirasree Bandyopadhyay has worked with in last 7+ years 

5300+ testimonials with life changing results in compressed time with Quantum Integration Therapy 

When you go within and heal what's crushing you deep within,you begin to heal in magical ways 
Quantum Dynamic 8 - Recreating Life & living 

Manifesting  desires while taking care of your mental health and applying quantum physics principles in your day to day life...

Heal, Transform, and Manifest Your Best Life with Quantum Integration Therapy

Are you struggling to move past a history of serial dating and dysfunctional family patterns like alcohol and physical abuse, domestic violence, Stockholm syndrome, being bullied, divorces, or extra-marital affairs of parents?

Do you feel trapped by fears, triggers, and a constant state of anxiety? 

It’s time to break free, rediscover your potential and transform your life.
Here’s what we will do together inside the Quantum Integration Therapy sessions:

Purge Stored Wounds: Release the trauma, chronic pain, and frustration that have been holding you back.

Gain Clarity: Understand who you truly are at your core and what you genuinely want in life.

Expand Your Capacity: Increase your ability to hold space for your desired manifestations, breathe with ease, and let go of what no longer serves you.

You will get:

Expert Guidance to help you navigate through your trauma and uncover your true self.

Tailored Support that is customized to address your unique experiences and needs.

Through deep cellular healing and quantum integration therapy, you’ll boost your productivity, income, and improve your relationships.

It’s time to understand who you are and what you truly want. 
Don’t let past trauma define your future. 

Take control of your life and start your journey of healing and transformation today. You deserve to live a life free from the pain of the past and full of the joy and fulfillment you desire 
There's something that keeps you up all night and you just cannot forgive, there's still so much grudge and you have so many things that you genuinely hate and wish you could turn around.

Well I'd love to hold space for you as you purge your heart out and we together help you move towards clarity by navigating through the layers of your emotions. You don't have to do it alone.

You are not alone , you have the support in me and it's absolutely normal to go through conflicting emotions and stress in life where you have so much to process through

I have been in your shoes and I know how it really feels and how bottled up thoughts can hold you back and make you captivated in overwhelming emotions and pain 

The emotions are trying to tell you something, even the numbness is calling out to give you a message. The numbness is asking you to be more present rather than just run away and find a way to escape from what you are going through

You are called to empathise with yourself, nurture yourself and unlearn the self sabotaging tendencies where you are always pushing yourself to do more , be more, do it all now and then scolding yourself with all the anxiousness, you may sound like one of your school teachers or parents who is talking to you in your head and is instructing your next step ,I know you literally feel like you are here ,there , everywhere sometimes

Yes there's a brighter side of continuing to move forward with charged up momentum but even devices need to be charged right? That very way you need to recharge yourself too inside and out so that you have the masculine & feminine aspects in your energetics and left and right hemispheres in your brain balanced

Leading to hormonal , emotional and mental balancing of your thoughts, so you feel better, more revived, more rejuvenated and live a more integrated life 

It starts with becoming more present with yourself. Maybe start with just breathing in , breathing out and write or talk your heart out and sometimes that's the beginning to move towards the next layer inside, managing your emotions,understanding the unconscious beliefs, becoming aware and being present with your sensations, through retrospecting, evaluating and starting to slowly be present with yourself compassionately is a transformational journey 

Self compassion doesn't come overnight after years of going through self sabotaging yourself, the hollowed emptiness is always crying to be filled in with your love , compassion and presence, your consciousness is crying out to express the capabilities,skills and gifts in you that have never been noticed or even considered amidst the arrays of beliefs

And you can enjoy the ride of transforming through them all and gear up the momentum to move past all the emotional hindrances that keep holding you back and crushing your spirit from within, let's call in the inner sense of warmth and safety so you feel nurtured, validated, loved and can live from being loved , nourished and understood

How would it feel to be state of consciousness where you feel understood and supported? 

Where you naturally feel the safety to unlock and flow in your most authentic self?

It's a process and yes it has a lot of ups and downs and some of the days you may feel like nothing is working out in your favour and you can't understand what's going on

But I promise you there's light at the end of the tunnel. One day you'll have that clarity, those dream come true moments will line up one after the other and you'll really be connected to your values and preferences & it'll all fall in place 

Freedom is first achieved within 

I help you to integrate & shift your core beliefs on a molecular level to LIVE THE IMPOSSIBLE

Chirasree Banerjee

Quantum Dynamic 8

Recreating Life & Living

Quantum Dynamic 8 is a government registered startup which aims at enhancing the quality of your life and living.It’s is an all purpose e-learning school and a multilingual creative , educational and holistic service providing organisation - founded by Christ Consciousness Teacher Chirasree Banerjee

Dash Of Benediction is an initiative by Quantum Dynamic 8 that in which in collaboration with Cuddles Foundation support migrant cancer affected children with monthly rations

Quantum Dynamic 8 has graduated and served over +400 students and clients with professional courses and services - that have helped them start thriving in their individual life purpose , relationship , spiritual, psychological & emotional expansion journeys-or life in general to have gathered widened expansive perspectives or wisdoms through the teachings or services of Chirasree Banerjee, in last three years.

Chirasree Banerjee is a phenomenal spiritual teacher who started her journey as a thinker , poet, storyteller, lover of imaginations , words and daydreams & as a tarot reader she ultimately chose to walk the path of serving God , initially when she started to share her gifts . At the present moment, she’s a Christ Consciousness teacher and a coach because that aligns more naturally to her authentic state of inner being .

She’s a published author , a KBB Graduate certified by Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi, a certified Joyous Body Protocol Practitioner by InfiniteHealing Light Keys for life and beyond! & she has done innumerable modalities and is still continuing to learn everyday ! She’s really loved and adored for her unique spiritual gifts of integrating the energies on a molecular level through quantum methods that which are part of her own modalities that she has developed through rigorous spiritual studies and research of over 17 years . Chirasree began her spiritual journey in the year 2003 when she was only 9 years old , since her childhood she grew up talking to her imaginary friend- JESUS- she loves God and she loves to be in tune with the alignment with all that is - in the essence of God within & without- and that is what she teaches - as she preaches the words of oneness - in love - in God - in KRISHNA - in Jesus Christ !

Quantum Dynamic 8 was founded in the year 2017. It began with the name Twin Flame Propel 11, until later in 2019 the name was changed to Quantum Dynamic 8 by Chirasree Banerjee.

Quantum Dynamic 8 official group is a platform to support all those who are going through trauma , depression , work stress, tired of the 9-5 routine, trying to come out of domestic violence , narcissistic abuse, PTSD , CPTSD or are having extreme upheavals and have suffered voraciously in the process - or are in the twin flames, soulmate , spiritual, healing or life purpose journey- or are simply happy people - looking forward to dive deeper in their individual spiritual ascension journey and are willing to walk the path of knowing Jesus more closely.

Chirasree Banerjee is a Christ Consciousness Teacher and all her teachings are based on God . Her life purpose is quantum integration therapy specialised in VAK intelligence expansion - that aligns you back to the source consciousness- in oneness in Christ through a liberating breakthrough - that her sessions always invite !

She is blessed with a very unique gift of innovative instant multiple idea generation or is always tapped in the flow - so has an organic business strategising method in Christ, with managerial & entrepreneurial skills with which at the age of 22+ she started her own organisation that she structured , formulated and birthed into being in just three years -now expanding and branching out as a team of quantum pioneer leaders - integrated in Christ consciousness.

She grew up with an abusive alcoholic father and have thrived out of the crushing pangs of trauma after repeated heartbreak and consistent patterns of choosing the wrong person in a relationship, for a while until Jesus intervened.she through her blind faith in Jesus , who gave birth to her quantum modalities, shifting techniques and emotional healing intelligence - she ultimately propelled forward catching the momentum of the present moment - attuning in oneness with all that’s -to be here and now - within & without with tremendous release in the pain and emotional body - experiencing thus a literal sense of rebirth in flesh !

It took her years to heal through the excruciating wounding and damage. But eventually after healing through the pain rigorously she reached a state where she could hold space for others and regulate the nervous systems of others and that's a gift she naturally had developed as she healed from CPTSD and along with healing herself , seeking out for help from other practitioners and therapists, learning an array of modalities to heal out of severe triggers and wounds of CPTSD , while handling her own startup at the same time , Chirasree Banerjee realised that she has a calling within to help people heal from CPTSD. Chirasree Banerjee has invented a phenomenal modality called the Quantum Integration Therapy that specialises in CPTSD Recovery.This is what shifted her career to another level and now she's dedicated to her niche.

Trauma has given birth to a life transforming,core transmuting gifts of alchemy in her and Chiraree now has the gifts of holding space for others and build a new energetic core point on a DNA and molecular level which shifts and accelerates their core resonance of their core soul aspect of their unique core blueprint essence which helps them to live a life where they constantly attract miracles, feel ease , glory and joy at the core & can live a life embedded in the true core essence that resonates the most to them ,who they'd prefer to truly be at the core

Quantum Integration Therapy Sessions not only help one heal trauma and CPTSD but also helps a person elevate in every area of their life and have improved health , better connections, consistent financial , business and career acceleration. The energy transmutation technique is well balanced to help you live in the flow state consistently having to be free from the states of consistent stuckness 

In the year 2020 Chirasree Banerjee has received the WEAA awards for her outstanding achievement as a woman entrepreneur in India !

Chirasree's teachings guide you within to reconnect back to the source consciousness and feel the essence of Christ within - everything in this world is orchestrating in divine order and perfection and the answer to how you shall seek heaven or freedom is always in your heart - in Jesus - home is where the heart is - the answer lies in going all in - within !🦄❤️🙏🏻

Love & Light!


Dive deep beyond the limited thinking patterns to live the impossible. You create your reality. Don't let your limited belief system limit your happiness.

  •  Emotional Intelligence Expansion Specialist
Are you a curious person who has been wondering what is the science behind the aspects of manifestation, spirituality , psychology and occult

This course dives deep to take you to the quantum field and give you the information that your have quantum leaped here to receive

To really understand the art of vibration, find the playful strength to have fun, joy & creativity with vibrations are secrets that this course reveals

Yes this course certifies you to become a vibrational scientist. From superconsciousness awareness to the science behind vibrations, frequencies, thoughts, emotions & magic, you finally learn the correlation after successful completion of this course

Congratulations your dream to become scientist is finally about to come true. You further study the Quantum Key Healing System in depth in this course. It would expose you to the scientific aspect of the Quantum Key Healing System invented by Chirasree Banerjee
Have you heard about the simulation theory? We literally live in a simulation and everything that you see in the physical reality is a holographic representation of what is inside

By changing the simulation, by changing your core vibration, you can shift to the ideal frequency where everything and everyone is vibrating at the frequency that you'd prefer, including you

Yes you can travel from one dimension to another, each feeling is holding a particular frequency which is associated to a certain vibration & upon having absolute grip over the quantum manifestation techniques, you can leap & shift to the reality of your preference in a blink of an eye

You thought feelings, sensation, emotions, belief, state, behavior, preferences become your vibration

Law Of Vibration Manifestation Coach is an unique discovery of Chirasree Banerjee that she structured by closely observing various other Manifestation Laws of the universe

Inspired by Law of Attraction, Simulation Theory, Quantum Physics, The Study Of Energetics, 7 Hermetic Principles, Law of Attunement, Law of Assumption, Law of Karma, the Quantum Leap Model - finally Law of Vibration Manifestation Coach was born. Yes this is a certified course

With over 5300+ success stories , this system has worked for me. I am sure it'll work for you too. 

Not only can it help you to manifest but also help you to become a manifestation coach or upgrade your skills, if you already are a manifestation coach

This course will also help you to find your hidden unique gifts and design that can activate you furthermore on a deeper level to catch up the rhythm of your most authentic soul expression , where your inner & outer reality merge to such an extent that at core you become a powerful manifestation magnet experiencing alignment, harmony & constant flow of abundance of miracles in every sector of your life 

You are a vibrational being having a human experience

⚡If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of energy & frequencies - Nikola Tesla

Whether you want to manifest an ex back, or a new relationship or lose weight, have more hair growth, improve your health and metabolism, eradicate generational curses or get over limiting beliefs or attract more money, growth, more magic, more momentum or release a third party or attract transformation What if you didn't need to do a bunch of different things, follow a bunch of different set of affirmation and self concept but have it all, being who you are & having access to some magical tools that are already embedded in your DNA which when unlocked will help you to manifest just everything all at once doing literally nothing I have over 5300+ success stories and daily I manifest streams of success stories from clients in different phases of life. I am all set to share with you the secret system that has gotten me till here. It's not guess work but a strategised system How the elements, planets, moon cycles can be integrated with this tool to uplift your soul and connect you to the higher dimensions to effortlessly manifest everything in a blink of an eye, without having to do anything but just by being present is what you learn as we dive deep into this I'll not tell you who your guardian angel is but I'll show you the aspect and voice of guardian angel inside you. You'll not connect to entities, angels and God outside of your body but find them within. You'll not see how the herbs affect you from outside but how inside you the vibration of ritual is generated

You'll know the CODES and DOWNLOAD them. Colors have power & energy but the source is inside, the course will have everything to do with what's inside & how the inner reality affects the outer. The planets, moon, sun, layers of the atmosphere are all inside you. You are the universe having a human experience & I show you how so that you can tap into your fullest potential to become a miracle accelerator The magic of THYMUS gland and moving it to generate MIRACLES is what you learn here!! This is not for all but for those who are ready to receive this gift 

Benefits of taking this course 

🌹Each time you watch it, there will be shifts, changes and you'll attract miracles as it takes you from the state of not having all your desires to having all your desires

🌹You understand the science of miracle acceleration through practical application and live demonstration of how it works on a molecular & biochemical level which I make you feel through my superpower

🌹Your metabolism increases, your muscles relax, your hormones balance and you become an activated vessel to receive miracles

🌹At one end you learn the how tos and at other end you receive the miracle activation live healing where I shift you to become a miracle activation accelerated magic generator

It is a certified course. If you have been feeling lost & want your spiritual and physical self to merge so that you can express what is imprinted in you, this is the ideal course to find that expression, figure the hidden secrets and activate the wings to fly

Here are some stories that will melt your heart right away

My journey goes like this,
I was extremely uncertain about my dream of marrying my twin flame yet I had this one thing called FAITH that it is certain to happen. I haven't spoken to my TF since two years along with that were many misunderstandings. With full faith in Allah, I asked to simply show me a way to clear my obstacles and one day that supreme heard me, by sending me her page on Facebook while I was surfing on newsfeed, yet I was short of money to pay...I was waiting for my salary yet somewhere I was disappointed that I wouldn't make up because of my family commitments, there too Allah heard me, he made my arrangements is such superb way that it didn't hurt neither my family commitments nor my desire to take up the manifest your SP course.
Then I knew, it was Allah's consciousness who gave me a call to approach this lovely girl named Chirasree, I religiously heard her pre requisite videos and her book before our one on one session. Chirasree has been so friendly and open to talk my heart out wherein I was wondering whether I am in real or in my dreams, I felt so much light after her magical scripts, personalised videos and a beautiful yet powerful sigil.
She is always there for you anytime, I even type to her first whenever any major chirp or atrocity I face, she has ready solutions for you. She even makes you feel so easy that no problem is too hard that you need rocket science to crack.
After, I completed my course with her, a few days later, I saw the engagement of my juniors who are undoubtedly made for each other and one of the most outspoken love stories in my medical college where I pursued my MBBS, I was totally inspired with their engagement and I decided to manifest the same with my TF on my birthday this year, You won't believe, I have started seeing many amazing signs, I started living in the end and the process of this manifestation grew stronger and stronger. Meanwhile in this process, me along with my family were diagnosed with COVID this late August where my father ought to have immediate ICU admission. The whole month of September went so rough and at last, my father passed was a sad ending, yet a new beginning happened, my TF spoke to me on the third of the mourning, gave me condolence. It was a sweet talk and I fell for him again. Waiting for more...Thank you Chirasree 💖 so much support and love 💖❤️Love you to the moon and back sister 💖❤️🌹🎉

With Love,

Magda 💜

Here's Another Beautiful Recommendation

Ever experienced miracles?

Not yet! The reason is you have been missing out on Chirasree Ma'am!

Yeah, am being authentic.

The vibe of flowing and feeling love and expanding your consciousness happens nowhere else but here.

Out of the blue shifts guided to make you fly in your desired realities are true and the magic happens for real.

The soul tribe we have here is all that one can never be enough thankful for!

There's so much to be grateful for once you know the magical being, the CEO of Quantum Dynamics 8.

I would not just recommend but would say you are missing out on phenomenal transformations if you don't have her in your life.

Don't wait until it is too late. Come and join the tribe to have some crazy stuff to elaborate on while you drive.

Thank you.



Here's what Arpita has to say..

So I came to know Chirasree from sometime around June this year, and spoke to her about my condition and how I was ruining myself to infinity!! How I had been duped by so many and where I was going wrong!! Can't thank her enough for not only hearing me out patiently but helping me out with the required process, advise, materials and ofcourse her time. I not only started feeling much better but also started loving my self more and really started living my life to the fullest. Can't thank her enough for her hard work, guidence and patience!! Thank you for believing in me and making be finally beleive I have it and magic happens. I love you!! Thank you for all the miracles till now and thank you for the biggest miracles that is about to come my way in advance!! ✨❤️

Thank you Manish for a such a great contribution

I remember how I came across Chirashree while scrolling randomly on Instagram. I messaged her after checking some of her posts and that’s when my journey started with Chirashree. I can talk about most of the courses from Chirashree but I would be specific to two of very important courses which are not estimated as it deserves. As in I feel Chirashree must endorse them in a way they deserve

Attracting SP
So if you think it’s just about attracting that one specific person then you are underestimating it too. The layers that are worked make you so powerful that you will not only attract SP but anything you want to. The power or the belief that one gets after doing this course is on another level. You can attract any thing you want, not only SP. The course is a journey itself. The journey where in you have realisation of many things and with guidance from Chirashree it becomes very easy. She reaches to the point that needs attention and enables you to achieve your manifestation. You will feel amazing light and sense amazing energy while doing this course. The course enables and empowers individuals to achieve their manifestation and wrongly called by founder that it just about attracting SP

So when you have a higher purpose you tend to look for it and the right frequency or vibration sends you to the right place. I have come to Chirashree to work out on something else and I end getting these amazing lessons. The moment I started doing the course, it took me to the various places and times. From the inner child healing to quantum integration to self love, this course has everything.
In 2020, Jan and July I completed 3 courses from landmarkworldwide( Vanto Group) costing more than 60k.
QECAT offered by Chirashree had every topic what was covered in all of these courses and I just paid Rs 11111 for this course with lifetime access to the course. I learnt valuable lessons here and now I can say that I am a step closer to my higher purpose. Also, QECAT takes you and your spirituality on a different level.
Suggestion: you do QECAT for sure even if you don’t choose other courses and thank me later.

I am still drowning in this beautiful experience and what makes it wonderful is that I have a spiritual guru for lifetime.
1. You can drop message to Chirashree and it gets addressed
2. She can help you pushing in right energy.
3. Her voice is magical. There is something special about it for sure.
4. There are so many points to write and I am short of space

Kinjal has been extremely kind to share these words

Where do I begin from, meeting Chirasree on Instagram by chance was something that I was looking for since long. I had been working on myself and beyond the point where I was stuck, i needed someone higher then myself to help me and that's when I came across her. It was no less than a miracle in itself. I could connect to her at a different level spiritually and grasp at the way how she worked with me totally in the school of manifestation where within two weeks I could get back my twin flame who wasn't in my contact for past 8 months. But I also knew my journey was not complete so I still work with her and breaking my barriers to manifest the kind of life I want in which she is with me helping me in this journey of my inner work. There is nothing great then listening to her "love that part" Which works wonders for me. Her cause to make people reach their apex of their potential and never ending zest to find issues inside you to work upon is amazing. Never found a guru like her and glad to have her by my side always. I know I'll get married soon and it will be entirely her efforts in breaking all my myths and barriers and resistances.

Thank You Drashti For These Wise Words ❤

I have been in touch with chirasaree ma'am since a year now and all I have to say is that she is god sent angel for me. I met her at lowest of my life and kind of confidence she has given me. Her spells work like wonders for me. She gets so many downloads that it is impossible to comprehend at this point. All I can say I am luckiest person to be the last batch to have recieved spells from her. My soul is grateful to her 🥺