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Quantum Integration Therapy 

Quantum Integration Therapy is designed to calm and balance your  trauma inflicted anterior cingulate cortex & prefrontal cortex, through hippocampus rewiring  & ventral vagal activation , it further helps you to integrate in a sense of safety and security in the amygdala region . It also reduces your cortisol level and helps you accelerate serotonin, dopamine and endorphin levels while activating your insula , aligning you to an integrated living in all area of your life with accelerated emotional,social and quantum (energetic) intelligence 

Who is Quantum Integration Inner Technology For?

Quantum Integration is an inner integrated technology that activates codes of preferred capacity, dissolves and overwrites pattern codes no longer serving the system processor and accelerates the core syntax with accelerated capabilities,more space and increased resonance to constantly manifest consistent flow of miracles, renewed sense of inner serendipity and a core vibrationally aligned life to your core authentic essence embedded to emancipate in accelerated capabilities 
Quantum Integration Therapy Sessions powered by Quantum Integration Inner Technology accelerates your wealth flow , raises your business frequency & vibration, improves your health , relationship & connections having to help you live tapped in optimal harmonious balanced integrated states with high self awareness and authenticity 

Our mission is to help those who in some kind of inner conflict or trigger that’s holding them back to gain the inner leverage and momentum to make choices that can help them tap into a life that frees them on a soul level so they can live a life of abundance graceful essence in every realm of their multidimensional existence 

Our vision is to see a world where everyone is living from their unique aspect and consciousness where they are being their true core self who they really are when no one is watching and are showing up in every area of their life from that space to live a more soul fulfilled life, not triggered by the frequency of competition but in harmony , doing what is soul aligning to each other and contributes to collective acceleration and growth 

We value and honour mental health wellness and wellbeing, meaningful living with enriching deep diving experiences, enjoying the presence of our being and expressing, desiring and receiving from the space of core soul authentic blueprint 

Who is Quantum Integration Therapy ideally for : 

➡️ who have been through difficult life situations, a loss , grief from separation, divorce, break up or are going through chronic anxiety, trauma , pain , have had deeper spiritual experiences or encounters with the divine but still feel frustrated , lost , confused,look for deeper meaning in life, don’t feel satisfied, feels like life is against them and have lost the knowingness of who they really are 

➡️who aren’t happy with that they are doing or what they are charging but don’t know what to create with with the gifts they have because they are frustrated, angry and pissed with how the journey has been until now and have conflicting polarities, grudges and thoughts which forces them to play small and not launch a legacy as a spiritual , creative or scientific entrepreneur 

➡️who don’t want to be a coach or a healer and are done with that paradigm, or want to be coaches and healers or want to do something different, stand out of the crowd , get new ideas to do something unique from time to time as per their mood of creativity to serve & create an impactful value but lose momentum in that process and have deep seated excruciating pain , wounds & layers of conflicting triggers holding them back and the energy within has not been integrated to their highest version and timeline where they can talk from their soul voice 

➡️who are wanting to be influencers , have a live of freedom , doing out of the box creative niches and get paid for that and live that life consistently but feel held back for the conflicts that go on in their mind 

➡️who have limiting beliefs and conflicting thoughts about health , money , career and relationship which don’t let them be in the moment and that continues to keep them to do what they are doing, stay in the relationship they don’t want to stay in, take choices that aren’t helping their health or have beliefs that impact those choices in an unhealthy way 

➡️who have beliefs about people , aspects , situation , clients , industries, possibilities about what’s possible and what’s not possible. They keep themselves in a box to not do just anything they wish to do , be just anything they want to be because they think it’ll not help them so they don’t take actions or take actions that they think would be more practical as what the algorithm supports and are suppressing their authenticity, true desire and preferences because of their thoughts , beliefs, sensations, emotions and gut feelings 

➡️who want to manifest their ideal clients , do something out of the box , manifest someone they love , manifest more money , attract high-end clients,move to a simulation or reality which looks impossible to move into with the current given circumstances and need help to move past the inner limitations holding them back energetically , emotionally , mentally, spiritually, psychologically or practically

➡️who have a serious health condition and problem that doesn't seem to improve and are being held back somewhere energetically, emotionally or mentally in their conscious, unconscious, subconscious and superconscious beliefs 

➡️who are angry with the system, the limitations, the idea what they can do and cannot do or what’s right or what’s not right and that’s keeping them stuck in a sensation from taking the action towards living their dreams 

➡️who have no idea what they want to do , they are struggling with their career , life, relationships, health & choices . They can’t seem to get things in place , they are carrying negative beliefs about certain habits that they have which keeps them thinking in a way that the habits or patterns are working against them for the fearful reactions they are anchored to

➡️who have a history of abuse , trauma , suffering, CPTSD and have been through some kind of painful tragic experience which makes them feel limited , hurt and they have no idea how to regulate their nervous system, reduce the cortisol level or have tried other ways but it didn’t really help because they have a series of conflicting aspects holding them back 

➡️ who want to activate new capabilities in their children, help them work through ,ADHD,Autism , Dyslexia or anything that acts a hindrance in living a life with accelerated potential living a life integrated to their true core self

➡️who want to get themselves out of the matrix, step out of the karmic cycle , heal ancestral wounds , patterns from parents, friends, family, members, society, cults and others to start living a life freed from limitation trap

➡️who want to integrate more happiness, joy , peace , serendipity, meaningfulness, find who they are and understand who they came here to serve or what they came here to do & have satisfaction from within for what they are doing and aren’t doing it from anger , revenge, frustration or because someone else doing it so they to or they can’t process an inner conflicting aspect as they are ashamed to admit what's really going on in their head which is actually holding them back, scared of being judged & don’t quite know how to process their emotions because they are so angry with what they have been through so they need justice and to feel more integrated in their true vibe so they can do what they are here to do uniquely with authenticity 

➡️who want to integrate aspects that activate their unique soul modality, gifts , creation, voice and essence that resonates the most to the core essence of their soul , activate & accelerate inner wealth frequency , call in their soul purpose most aligned to their core soul blueprint

➡️who want to integrate multidimensional presence, voices , opinions to show up as an integrated being sharing their opinion in all the realms that that they are interested to show up in and experience consistent core shifts and breakthroughs 

➡️who want to integrate powerlessness, triggers that make them feel angst , upset and frustrated because they feel they are limited by what is preferred by most people out there and want to be freed from the bondages of the matrix and live a life freed from the tremors and triggers rejuvenated in ease , peace , serendipity and gracefulness

➡️who want to release gut feelings and intuitive awareness from trauma inflicted consciousness, purge the reptilian mind , makes unconscious core competence show up with accelerated creative abilities overwriting codes those come from destructiveness that keeps taking one back to old earth reincarnation cycles

➡️who have a lot of ideas , thoughts , business goals , dreams and want to integrate them to create best products and programs most aligned to them and have a more integrated business experience that helps them attract an accelerated profit margin consistently

Quantum Integration dissolves conflicting polarities , harmonises and integrates them in your core essence of being frequency thereby activating you to experience integrated embodiment of the frequency of your preference in your consciousness 

I am not a coach or therapist or guru !! I am here to integrate polarities to help you live a trigger free life so you can catch the simulation of your desired manifestation immediately as we integrate the polarities holding you back. With each dimension and consciousness comes new polarities but it has it's root at the core ,when dissolved,patterns shift ,miracles start to happen 

Quantum Integration permanently releases the aspect holding you back and shifts you to the state of your preference. Once an aspect is integrated , it permanently integrates in your consciousness at the core 

✅Yes you can come back again but the next time it'll be to integrate some other aspect or conflict or trigger that may come up or any block from the past or simply because you want more of happiness , money , success and want to integrate more space but definitely not for the aspect we've already integrated. Once integrated,it immediately becomes your consciousness 

One of my other  specialities is to help you to find your true soul blueprint, who you are and what you came here to do dissolving everything that’s in the way and doesn’t serve you at the core and quantum integration helps you with that as well

It’s time to become who you came here to be and enhance capabilities needed to sustain, promote , embody and be that aspect of your consciousness who you truly came here to be and serve those that matter to you without compromising your core authenticity 

Enough of living someone else's life out of anger and unprocessed wounds of rage , frustration, revenge and anger but it’s time to choose compassion, unity , oneness and love at the core

It’s time to come back home and live an integrated life with all that’s to experience core consistent momentum for breakthroughs one after the other having to catch the simulation of abundance, miracles , serendipity and live in coherence to that consistently on a continuous basis attracting connections of mutual benefit who we truly exchange energy from an integrated essence at the core not only financially but also energetically, spiritually , physiologically , psychological, socially, biochemically , emotionally , sensationally at the core 


Quantum Integration Inner Technology 

Let's go on a journey of watching some client testimonials who were greatly benefited & blessed by the magic of this modality invented by Chirasree Banerjee 

Stories of Transformation 

Quantum Integration Inner Technology 

Quantum Integration Inner Technology has been invented by Chirasree Banerjee 

With over 4000+ success stories, Quantum Integration Therapy has already started to create a revolution in the mental health industry

You just watched a phenomenal success story of Quantum Integration Therapy

Let's explore & celebrate more such success Stories 

Quantum Integration has helped her finally relax her nervous system,to trust again & finally surrender

The idea of letting go or surrender can activate the flight and fight response immediately making a person affected by trauma to feel overwhelmed & frozen. The idea of surrender to a damaged amygdala is often perceived as threat

If that is you , hear her share her experience,it will help you feel more assured that there's indeed light at the end of tunnel

As a trauma informed therapist Chirasree Banerjee just knows the art of creating a safe space and her sessions lead to miracles 

Quantum Integration Therapy does not just focus on healing the symptology but dives deep to heal and detect the root core cause of the triggers that are keeping you in a hypervigilant state 

Here's another case study of a client who shifted out of a state of anxiousness to more calmness 

Social anxiety often leaves us in state of always reassessing our behaviours,our thoughts, preferences & putting them in a way that will help us to fit in

Therefore you'll have issues making boundaries, have fear of being vulnerable and authentic. These are often seen as some common symptoms of social anxiety.

Either you hide away and choose not to show up at all in the perceived state of feeling unsafe or you might always be worried in a social situation, while your amygdala and anterior cingulate cortex are in polarised opposition to the medial prefrontal cortex, making you feel anxious afflicted with self esteem issues and you end catastrophizing through the memory processing pattern embed in your hippocampus through repeated exposure to trauma 

Here's is success story of a brave soul who chose to address the aspect of social anxiety and chose to walk into the path of healing that emotion processing patterns to experience a more regulated nervous system in social situations. The secret is always in individualised root cause detection and core safety integration which again helps the body ,mind & soul to be in a state of equilibrium & ease

Gratitude! When you are grateful about something,you start to rewire your brain to reframe the perception to start to see from a more positive outlook.
Our stories create our reality. Watch out the stories you are internally structuring about literally anything & ask yourself is it serving me?  If the answer is no! Well just for the sake of pretending, imagine if the solution was a possibility,how would that happen? Just create an imaginary tale that makes you feel good to start priming your nervous system to disassociate from the perception of seeing something as a threat due to trauma response

Sometimes an incident like getting a particular smell can trigger you and make you feel like it's a threat because of the association that you have between that smell and a dangerous situation . Your hippocampus starts to associate a negative memory in resonance to the reflex response which makes your amygdala perceive & receive something to be a threat. The something is going to go wrong because I could associate to something else pattern sets in 

This is why reprogramming the hippocampus through Quantum Integration Therapy can have a miraculous transformation when it comes to your amygdala to heal

Remember to always find a way to cultivate more safety & inner peace for yourself 

Quantum Integration Therapy Specialised In Complex & Chronic Trauma Recovery 

Quantum Integration Therapy has it's impact in anger management as well and best part of Quantum Integration Therapy is it's a holistic and psychological modality simultaneously. It not only can transform your life but the life of others too through distance therapy. I know you are stunned. You have heard of distanced healing but how does distance therapy work ? Well hear out these success stories to see how distance therapy has been made possible through Quantum Integration Therapy. So if a person is not in contact with you ,you are upset over a break up and relationship has made you heart broken, Quantum Integration Therapy not only can help you heal but also can help that person heal,even they aren't present for the therapy or not aware

You must be wondering,what sorcery is this ? What's this modality? How a modality heals trauma and can also manifest you something out of nowhere? Well hippocampus rewiring & ventral vagal activation with acc & amygdala in a coherence activates a renewed sense of relationship with the executive state & your MPC(medial prefrontal cortex) is in absolute harmony with acc & amygdala to form the trinity and manifest based on your RAS programming 

Quantum Integration Therapy 

Is equipped to transform your relationships, health, career and literally every aspect of your life by altering your response, reflex , emotions , sensations , vibrations and thoughts to be a activated at a frequency where from regulated trauma awareness, understanding and ease you start to attract altered sense of perception, having to become a conduit of receiving miracles 

Here are some more success stories that have been conjured via this phenomenal tool 

So  you just watched some success stories of miracles 

Yes not only do you heal but you get ready to be in a state where you receive the core momentum to allow breakthrough in every sector of your life

Let's watch some breakthrough success stories now 

Trauma often creates a state in us where we literally begin to question if God is reall real ? 

The expecting the worst case scenario or catastrophizing , negative generalization & over personalisation of a situation to feel responsible for everything put a person in continuous guilt

So for a person who is undergoing trauma even miracle can scare them away and they may feel it to be a threat because they often feel it might be from some evil force because deep down parts of their awareness have concluded that God is not real . This is again a conclusion drawn from the idea of relating to how life has been & over personalisation,this is the kind of pattern where you say something like,I went through so much of suffering because God doesn't love me ( catastrophizing) because of what I went through ( negative generalization) and I went through that as I'm not good / God doesn't exist so good things can never happen to me ( over personalisation)

Here are some more success stories to inspire you and motivate you to realise that it's possible to turn things around,heal & change the situation around in your favour 

Let's celebrate some more success stories
Quantum Integration Therapy Specialised In Complex & Chronic Trauma Recovery

Quantum Integration Therapy is designed to calm your anterior cingulate cortex , through hippocampus rewiring & ventral vagal activation to integrate in a sense of safety and security in the amygdala region 

What are some benefits of this modality?

👉 you start to experience balanced hormonal secretion and nervous system regulation 

👉 integrated mind, body & heart coherence to activate your cellular memory , DNA structure & medial prefrontal cortex to automate you to function from a space of feeling more productive & resilient 

👉renewed sense of acceleration to gear up your momentum for constant breakthroughs on a molecular & core atomic level 

👉you start experiencing miracles & transformations with improved emotion processing skills and heightened EQ 

Quantum Integration Therapy has been invented by Chirasree Banerjee 

With over 4000+ success stories, Quantum Integration Therapy has already started to create a revolution in the mental health industry

Change A Habit In 21 Days 

God's presence 

I appreciate your presence divine soul. I understand the excruciating pain that you are undergoing. You don't have to go through this alone

I'm just a message away . Reach out to me today and let's embark on a journey of your core  transformation

The inner peace,the feeling of home ,the desire to feel safe and get rid of the chronic is now possible. You don't have to wait for years for your hippocampus to rewire and amygdala to be regulated. In 90 days or less I've had clients who's life metamorphosed. We don't do coping techniques to bypass emotions nor we just focus the symptoms but we dive deeper to regulate your nervous system through Quantum Integration Therapy

Thank you for visiting our website, here's the contact form you can fill you & get a step closer to root cause detection, nervous system regulation, balanced hormonal secretion, improved emotion processing skills , increased EQ and altered perception of reality experience activating mind,body and heart coherence to reverberate your energy field , consciousness and body to become a conduit of receiving continuous flow of consistent miracles 

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