Quantum  Dynamic 8 

Hindi Tarot Card Reading Course

With Cartomancy, Oracle, Rider Waite Reading, Business & Money Mastery)

Course Curriculum:

✔️Introduction To The Course

✔️Difference Between Major & Minor Arcana

✔️Detailed Individual Study Of The Tarot Cards

✔️Learning To Create Spreads

✔️Learning Pick A Card Reading

✔️Business Launching Coaching

✔️Learn To Read With Playing Cards

✔️Money Mastery Worksheet For Constant Money Flow

✔️Bonus Manifestation Coaching

✔️Learn Detailed Description Of Images, Colours, Numbers & More

Here are some pick a card readings for you
Wondering what their current feelings are for you?
What about pick a mask reading?
Wondering where you are in your spiritual journey?
Let's have some more fun
Here are some messages from God Just For You
The philosophy & essence of BHAGavad gita